Bonik Shop Management Software

Are you running a retail business? Do you have a POS software? Looking for a POS software development company? All these questions are interrelated with each other and if you are running a retail business then you must have the POS software or might be you are looking for the POS development company. Because POS software is the heart of every business transaction today. Though, a good point of sale software is not just a system of processing the customer purchases, recording and tracking the sales and payment handling. In fact, it allows you to make the best use of advanced and available technologies like inventory and customer management, staff empowerment, reporting and much more. For developing a customized POS software, BONIK would be best selection.

Business Analysis

Our software provides 1000+ reports which help you to analyze your business and make plan. Our most important reports are- slow product report, running product report, over stock report, required item report, sales report, purchase report, inventory report, employee report, customer report, expense report, supplier’s payment report, return report etc.

Accounts Management

Our system maintains sales revenue account, expense account, suppliers purchase and payment account, return account, discount account to prepare perfect cash flow statement and income statement

Customer Account Management

Our system creates customers account and saves a customer’s detail information like sales volume, number of invoices, average purchase amount and day, month wise and invoice wise sales information, top client etc. With this report customer behavior can be analyzed.

Perfect Profit calculation

Yearly, monthly, daily and timely gross profit and net profit is calculated by our system.

Damage & Expiry Management

We maintain damage and expiry account for every supplier. From this account a supplier’s return receivable amount and return received amount is easily identifiable.

Human Resource Management

Every Employee will have a profile that includes name, designation, salary, menu access, sales discount percentage etc. Every type of access is controlled and monitor with this account

Role Based Access

Our software provides role-based data access to suit your organization structure. We ensure required level of security and data protection based on the users and their interactions.

Real Time Data Backup

Data is the most important thing of a software. For this, we provide you real time database backup service to reduce the risk of data loss

We look forward to meeting your every need