About Us

Iqrasys is all about excellence, passion, and flexibility

We build software
that builds your Business

Iqrasys Solutions Ltd has been providing technology solutions to solve specific business problems. We specialize in providing customized solutions to our customers based on their specific business needs. We have specialized team having expertise in Web Applications development and business software solutions such as CRM, ERP, HRM, Accounting solutions etc. We help you boost your business through our ready software solutions.

Our Core Values


The quality of being of outstanding or extremely good. We don’t aim for perfection, but a commitment to trying, doing and giving it your best, every time.

Strong relationships

We don’t believe in building a client roster, but a group of partners invested in the other’s success

Innovation & Creativity

We can assemble and construct your GIS according to your required design so that it becomes low cost..


A group of people organized to work together, both interdependently, and cooperatively to accomplish a purpose or a goal. We’re in this together. We collaborate, communicate and support each other to the same end goal.


The fact or condition of being accountable. We take responsibility, and we take ownership. We stick to our commitments because we know we have people depending on us.


We strive for a state of being satisfied or happy because we have fully developed our abilities or character. We are fulfilled by everything we choose to give our time and energy to in our lives.

Our company is based on innovation, creativity, and knowledge.